The Trust Equation


+/- Trust = Time + Consistent Behavior


I wish this was more complex.  But it’s true.  All you need to do is exhibit a behavior consistently and people will come to define you by it.  Bad behavior, over time, will develop distrust from people that care about you.

Obviously this works in reverse.   For example, this coffee shop makes the best cappuccino in town CONSISTENTLY.    Not only will I be exclusive to this coffee shop, I will tell my friends all about it.

Its okay that mess up, barring that you don’t make the same mistakes frequently.   This goes back to step 10 (taking personal inventory).  If you make mistakes, own up to them and swiftly resolve them.   That is all anyone wants.

And, on the cynical side of it, NOBODY REALLY CARES IF YOU MESS UP. You could be a fuck-up all day, and if that is what people come to expect of you, its not that you disappointed them, it is that you set that expectation.

Be a fuck-up, be a saint, be a know-it-all, be drunk, its only cementing how people perceive you.

On a positive note, any of the bad things you think you have done, you can undo.  It just takes time.  Be persistent.  I trust you.







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